Monday, April 7, 2014

Corruption- What is it?

Written By Siddhaarth Mahan

With election season upon us, all that matters is voting for clean governance. Wish it was that simple. Just a push of a button and whoom, a clean corruption free government.Everyone talks about removing corruption from the country. But the fundamental question is what is corruption? Does anyone really know? According to some Just accepting and offering bribes in a government office is the be all end all of corruption. 

Corruption starts in the mind. Everything else is just an extension from there. Only money exchange illegally is not the only form of corruption. Cheating with people in day to day life, cheating in relationships and above everything cheating with oneself are all part of corruption. Not sticking to resolutions, not exercising, being lazy and etcetra are all prime examples of cheating with oneself.They seem trivial at this stage because there is no limelight to escalate it.But the seeds of corruption are sown right there. Then it grows from there only to 
become big scams and people finally notice them.

Every child today talks about corruption these days.It has slowly enveloped into cynicism leading to an environment which is very detrimental to the country and personal surroundings.We don't want to understand and get to the basics of it all. Labeling everyone corrupt , generalizing the whole crop of politicians as corrupt or blaming everyone around us for the vicious circle of corruption,is only an easy way out.

Whereas one might want to remove only the small part of the corruption that of illegal money exchange. But even that can not take place until the root cause of it is tackled.For that is the solution right in the mind itself. Reiterating it then -'Dishonesty and cheating with oneself is where it all starts, corruption happens in the mind'.

About Siddhaarth Mahan: 

Siddhaarth Mahan is an actor, painter, lover of music, a guitarist and yes, likes to express himself through writings as well. 

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  1. Siddhaarth, liked your view! It's all in the mind, our thinking defines our actions and if we cannot change our thinking, we cannot bring the change.


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