Saturday, February 12, 2011

Morning Raga

I have always listened people talking about how they love staring at starry night, full moon.. but i always noticed that i get more joy, a sense of satisfaction and experience a moment of purity when i stand in my balcony in early wee hours.. Experiencing the silence, and every breathe of fresh air i take in, fills me with energy, i feel myself living completely in a different world, away from busy, hustle and bustle urban life. Hardly any movement, only the movements of birds and their chirping you listen and at some distant temple, chanting of hymns and bells ringing for morning AARTI and the mellifluous call of muezzin to prayer at mosque, and when all these sounds fall on your ears at the same time, its all different, all magical and sounds all spiritual..
I feel so light, so free. My best moments of the day. And i wish to live these moments everyday!