Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a day to start with.. when i woke up early morning,after a good night sleep, there was silence around me and an urge to go about and get absorbed in it . And what better way to let my body and mind sync together than to go on a walk..my continuous footsteps on a dark street, guided by early dawn light ,with the full moon still out there in the sky,cold winter winds lashing against my face and the music comforting me...peace within, peace outside!! the gently rising blood pressure within and the cold winds freezing me outside- a deadly combination of opposites synchronous with the moment of fading night and rising day- a moment to relish, to witness how beautifully two opposites complement each other and make it a perfect moment..this is what makes life so strange yet wonderful!

P.S.: Mind you, nothing comes for free, you got to pay for it to experience it- whether it’s your early morning sleep or something else..