Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is this SILENCE is forever??

Sometimes, the choices are not that easy, but still decisions have to be made... This is for a friend of mine..

As I sat in my balcony
A tear trickled down my cheeks,
I looked up and asked him "Why me?"
I felt hapless, hopeless, scared and forlorn
For the pain was too much to bear
More than a cut or a wound would have caused
That night, I slept with tears in my eyes
Remembering the sentences you spoke, my friend
Each and every word chilled me to my bones, tearing me apart
For I knew-
You are not returning back,
I am talking to you no more,
I have lost my friend forever.

I couldn't help, I couldn't tell you-why, why i did,
For sometimes its hard to make others understand one's actions
For sometimes the circumstances around compel one to make a decision
I did the same, just that it wasn't easy for me, choosing between my priorities
And I chose to let you go for a better good in my sense
I chose to remain silent to avoid the scream
And as I look back, I don't regret but just wonder
Will you ever come to know the reason?
Will you ever come back?
Will this silence between us ever be broken?