Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taking a Quantum Leap

Competition. Have a bet, even a 5 year old child today knows what it means. Because from the starting, we are a part of the race, never ending race.

Remember, the line from 3 idiots- “life is a race. Agar tej nahi bhaagoge toh khuchal diye jaoge.. Compete or die.

It’s so apt on the present scenario, where competition prevails everywhere. Whether you talk about studies, sports, markets, products or any other field, cut throat competition exists. It is because, everybody wants to be first, everybody wants to be recognized, and everybody wants to fulfill dreams. Blame it on our society norms or anything else, the truth is that every second, we compete, figuring out different ways to survive in this competitive world.

Now imagine, what if competition dies? Of course there can be many ways to judge this situation. One of the dimensions I present is – what if competition never exists!!!

Must be thinking is it possible..?? Well, why not.

What if we become so good that competition itself dies for us. What if we raise the bar of excellence and efforts above all that no one could match us… think!!!We’ll have our own league and we’ll be the (only) player. A different feeling to be outstanding in our work that no one else can do as ‘well’ as we do. So here, we are, in a zero competition world, a world of our own, where we define rules for our own self.

Does all this seems to you happen in fairy tales, movies? If yes, then think again. It’s not impossible. The only thing it requires from us is to come out of our cocoon, welcome life with open arms and strike for excellence and not just success.

And remember what baba ranchod das said-

bachha, kabil bano, success toh jhak marke tumhare peeche bhagge gi.”

So what are you waiting for?? Get up, go and strike for excellence, make your own brand, and redefine success. Go! Kiss the world!!

(Call it 3 Idiots fever or something else, I don’t mind. Wish you all a very happy new year!!! )