Thursday, April 16, 2015

No.. it's not Perfect.. but it's Fine!

No.. it's not perfect..   Nah.. something is missing...
Hmm.. wait.. let me think more on this topic n then I'll post it...

This has been my state for past two years. Always in refusal state. Always looking for perfect post,  perfect content. Today,  I have 15 drafts in my account. The moments I wanted to share with this world - be it about crazy MBA days,  IRC team,  Pondicherry trip to latest Hampi trip or journey as a TEDx organizer.. I left them incomplete,  always buying one of the above stated reason.
We become overly dependent on others view,  what they will think,  does it sync with outside world thinking.. ? We fail to express who we really are because we find it hard to let go our social image, to be perfect all the time. 

Let it go. Let that perfect image go. Make mistakes. Post it what you feel, how you feel. We may miss out on opportunities by not playing. One may argue, why not go for perfection in the first attempt. I tired it. And I have come to the terms that let that definition of perfection be defined by you. Step on the ground and play and as you play, you will learn that there's nothing perfect. There's always a room for improvement. So don't stop yourself from playing. Let your inner consciousness give approval to your thoughts, to your actions.

Let you define yourself!