Sunday, November 20, 2011

Your Wish- Makes you OR Breaks you..

So, I am back to my blog world.It's been one month in hyderabad. And all has been good except for few annoying things which happened with my group. But now, we are over it. The good part is that not only us but even sir, whose miscalculation turned our life upside down for a week, will also remember the events that unfolded in the last month.
What's interesting is that when i recall those anxious yet anger momemnts,they don't leave me fuming but bring a smile on my face.
The whole episode has been a good learning lesson and provided me an insight on how we take things. Sometimes we even make small things look larger than life and sometimes , the opposite.
Just like, joys and sorrows which are always there , but it is upto us as to what to see and what not to , rejoice or cry on our bad luck. It is upto us as to how we perceive them. Sometimes,even a trivial thing brings galore of happiness and sometimes even the biggest of things are received just like any other normal thing.

The whole thing is that no matter we lament or celebrate, this life is not going to stop for us,change for us until we change our attitude towards it. No external factor will bring the change within.
Just like Doubts, which are always there in background ( and resurfaces only during vivas :P ) , it is upto us whether we give them permission to stay in our mind and play with our thoughts or just kick them out and live with peace. Similarly,Good things happen. DITTO for bad things. What we absorb in, what we hold on to - decides how we get to live our life.
My friend once told me- Shit happens. Just keep walking. I would modify it a little bit. Shit has always been there and will always be there. Just watch your steps and keep moving. And if by chance,you happen to step over it, don't make a scene about it. Don't mind people's reaction. Just clean it and move on . Nobody else will do it for u.
It's your life. Make it, break it or throw it away, it's upto you.