Thursday, August 9, 2012

Being the First one, not the Next one

There are some few ads which leave a lasting impression on its viewers. Take the recent hits- 'hum mein hai hero' and ' har ek friend zaroori Hota hai' which became songs of the nation, just because somewhere we could connect to it. Or the most recent Satyamave Jayate's song series, it's all over radio..dil Pe lagti hai toh baat banti hai... So true..

So is this post inspired by the new Classmate ad I watched and straight away left me thinking and questioning my thoughts, our thoughts. Here's a brief description: a boy gave a good speech and someone in audience say- he's gonna be next Obama, teacher praises a young girl by saying - you'll b next Einstein, next tendulkar, next so n so.. None of the child is happy for they want to the first, First saumya gupta, first so n so..not the next one.
This ad and most important, the message shook my whole thought process. Yes, why can't we be the first of its kind? Why do we think and project ourselves to be the next bill gates.. Why we don't connect to our own identity?
Often, we look onto our role models and aspire to be like them. I believe learning from them is not wrong but copying them is not right either. We often miss to give our self touch and end up being either close to our role model or nowhere. And in both manner we are loosers, end up disappointed for we didn't get what we thought of. Loosing our individuality in becoming someone else serves no good. And many of us would agree.
Another aspect which is clearly conveyed in the ad is the thinking, mindset of us, society. We often tag everything. We compare everyone with everyone. Our praise or whatever is always relative and related. Can't we change our thought process? Can't we accept and praise the uniqueness that's in everyone?  Stop confering titles each time ( I won't say everytime, because sometimes, such kind of praise is required for morale boosting) and praise the individual for what he is.
I believe there has to be 180 degree change in our thought process. We should acknowledge our own uniqueness, our individuality, our own identity and should do the same in others case.
I am ready to be the first of my kind. Are you ready too ?

( on my route to self-discovery. Life keep giving me surprises and lessons in unexpected ways.. More to come, more to learn and a lot more to share)


  1. Each one is different , if everyone was similar we would have zillion tendulkars and other similar personalities. but the question here is why there are so few achievers who think differently? may be world needs its share of achievers and laggards or else it wld b similar again !!!!

  2. So true. Just would like to add one more line here...
    "Every child is special!"
    - from the movie Taare Zameen Par

  3. Don't you think we are lazy at our Heart & Mind for we would like to fold our Hands in presences of the deemed idols but we can never stretch our hands wide open engulf it.


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