Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Again !!

And so I again make my seasonal entry in the blog world.I have remarkably been consistent in being inconsistent on this front, which has now gradually become my trait. I do miss blogging but that doesn’t imply I miss writing too. For, I have been scribbling a lot of my vague,incoherent and incomprehensible thoughts which unfailingly keeps my mind occupied. Noting down these thoughts in my diary really helps me to keep myself sane in this insanely world around me.
Putting down my uncompiled thoughts, feelings, unfulfilled dreams and my new aspirations and desires..You don’t need to be a writer to pen down your real and honest writings. All you need is a pen and paper and once you start, you’ll know what to write, the words will flow and the ink will form pattern only to be interrupted with the questions and confusions of your mind. Yes, this happens, at least with me, when I make a diary entry that ends having quite a few half written sentences, an entry sans conclusion and title and just a few dots and blanks for the inexplicable feelings, half-baked,uncrystallized views and opinions. And though, it may look incomplete but it holds a different charm and a different meaning and make me realize that there’s still lot to explore and discover to find answers, a deeper dig required to come face to face with my self and keeps alive my quest for knowledge and learning.

And to end up, I don’t know why I am writing this, may be just a guilt for being absent on my blog, failing to keep posting here.So just an entry to say hello to blogosphere !!!


Thank you for your valuable comments/ feedback.