Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happiness Galore!

~ Written By Aditi Bafna Shrimal

Hi, I am Aditi. Just like someone you ever met. I am here to share some beautiful moments of my life. Something that is unique and fun filled. Something interesting and close to my heart.

The journey began when I became mother to this beautiful baby whom we lovingly call ‘Ayush’. How in seconds your life changes, I wondered..He was born premature and was kept in incubator for 15 days for medical reasons. It was little tough to be away from your child initially but time flew away and we brought our little sweet heart to his home. From then till today as he entered to his 7th month , this had been amazing.

Well to start with parenthood is quite a roller coaster ride. Nappy changing days to diaper world, baby crying or cracking that first smile, the first outing of you all alone with baby or the tension days when he  not goes to potty and you keep applying all desi and videshi styles to get it right; the list seems endless and the new experiences keep adding.

But there are also some moments of self discovery- the revival  of ‘you’ -  that seems to have  lost somewhere in this sophisticated world of etiquette, you suddenly realize that child within you and just start appreciating the simple joys..you start unwinding the complicated ‘me’ factor to the simple joyful smiles.

Yes it is true, at least in our case. Who says romance goes out of air once you are in parenthood? We both discovered that it actually got reinvented with our heart in between from the eyes of Ayush. Lots of giggling moments to complement each other is the key to keep that balance of the life. It is not like you never experience work overloads or stressed days but I still believe it is just in mindset. You just have to keep working on yourself ,  talk together , believe in your love and give time. Nothing could be more beautiful than to see how the understanding and love deepens in this journey.

Evenings have become livelier in meeting all new friends with their babies and now even strangers meet you with tender smile. Even if I am not working , I am proud to be doing dutifully my role and keeping all chores at bay. At the end of the day , I look  to the starry night and the shinning moon, Ayush has closed his eyes and contentedly sleeping besides me and I am thinking inside :

Wonderful and peaceful is what now my state of mind is. 

About Aditi Bafna Shrimal:

Aditi Bafna Shrimal is currently a homemaker. She is B.E. in computer science and holds MBA degree in HR from ICFAI Mumbai. She had been associated with RJ Corp for past 2 years ; worked in HR for their dairy vertical based in Africa. She has now left her job and contentedly enjoying her self-discovery journey with her little son.


  1. Nice post and best wishes to you and your family..from my own experince of parenthood i can just add a line

    You live to live your life again with your new born life....

  2. This is really cute. Loved it!! Makes me understand how blissful it is to become parent.

  3. Cheers to the newly discovered parenthood !!!
    Life seems definitely fulfilling & blissful seeing your little one grow day by day. It is good that you both cherish these moments together as you will discover a newer & older Ayush as each day passes by.....All the good luck.

    Meenu Chachi.


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