Monday, November 23, 2009

The Green Deal

With a week or two to go for Copenhagen Summit 2009, I am skeptical about the outcome of this crucial summit. The recent failure of Barcelona meeting indicates the indifference in the international community regarding the action plan to be included in the upcoming summit. The summit, seen as a successor to Kyoto protocol will decide the future course of action in our fight against climate change. But at this moment, I can see the looming crossroads at the Copenhagen with no final agreement.
The growing discontent between the developed and developing countries is a matter of concern. It’s agonizing to watch the blame game being played. On one hand, the developing countries charge against the developed ones for not stepping up to the challenge, the promise they made to protect climate change. On the contrary, the developed countries want the leading developing countries including China and India to be included in the fixed emission cut agreement. With no side willing to lose their respective stand, it will be interesting to watch whether this summit will be concluded successfully or will the Kyoto protocol be extended beyond 2012.

But what’s more important to know is that whether our industries are ready to take up GREEN BUSINESS? Can they ensure technical support to the global decision makers? In my view, the aspiring global business leaders are well aware of the potential of the green deal. With so much efforts being already put in exploring the other forms of energy- such as wind, tidal and solar etc on a large scale, I am no less confident that the innovative human brain will come up with some life saving ideas. The only major blockade I see is the expenditure that will be incurred on the research and development. As the majority of the economies ease out of the serious recession, can they afford the costs of managing the climate change, is one big question? Even though the organization is willing to spend trillions of dollars, the governments round the globe are concerned about incurring more debt. The only solution that lies before us is the growth of global economy. Even the finance ministers of various countries have acknowledged the fact that economic growth will enable them to address the mounting deficits. The cost of this green deal may be considered too high but the decision to remain blind-folded can cost our very survival.
We are left with no choice, rather it has become imperative to reconsider our decisions, come over pity issues and address the global issue seriously. No doubt, we’ll encounter many severe challenges in finance and resources, but managing the climate change demands a commitment and a long term involvement from all governments. The developed countries can take up the leadership role. It’s the time when we, the inhabitants of this planet, open our eyes and take bold steps, be a part of this earth saving campaign and contribute in whatever small way we can. If we don’t rise up to the occasion now, we’ll be digging the graves for our future generation.


  1. Well this might be an eye opener.... Global warming...2012... seems interesting.. :)
    great bloggin

  2. really an inspiring write up for the youth.. its high time that the countries must gear up for the climate change.


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